Valve Ignores Ghost Frogs To Be Added To Supporters Club


Almost 3 months ago, Valve announced the Supporters Club Update – a new way for us fans to support our favorite teams. You can purchase badges and some seasonal equippables to use in-game. Ghost Frogs, a European Division 2 Dota 2 team is still unable to upload their Supporters Club bundle. Since The International 10 will be prolonged for another 3 months, they are hoping to be added to the Supporters Club to earn a few bucks and help the team financially. They even hired a graphics designer and a high MMR Twitch streamer to promote it.

However, a couple of weeks ago, MiLAN, the coach, and captain of the team tweeted on his personal Twitter account that he is unable to upload the team’s bundle. When he got to the point to upload the contents, it will redirect him somewhere.

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Today he pleads his case and posted a thread in the Dota 2 Subreddit to ask for help. He outlined what is going on and how Valve is “ignoring” them. He said, “I tried to contact everyone I could. There are special managers for teams, who are like a bridge between us and Valve. But they couldn’t help, and also couldn’t get any reaction from Valve on this question.“.

He added, “So Reddit is my last hope, that those investments will actually help, instead of being destructive. I understand that our team is not having a huge fanbase and there is a slight chance of some real success with the bundle. But I still did my best to make it creative and hopefully it really could help me pay my teammates a salary, especially when the DPC season is actually on pause for several months.“.

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