Valve Addresses Their Issue with Communication

Valve is known for not regularly communicating to their community especially on their massively popular games, Dota 2 and CS:GO. Today they posted a video on their YouTube channel, Steamworks Development on why it is the case. In the video, they are talking about the game CS:GO but it also applies to Dota 2. Gautam Babbar, CS:GO developer for Valve opened up by saying “Today I’m gonna talk to you about how we communicate with our customers. The way we do that on CS:GO is mostly through game updates.”

These are the main points Valve made in the video:

  • They read the customers feedback on various online communities but rarely participate in the conversation

  • If the customer is reporting a bug, their best response is to fix the bug and update the game as soon as possible

  • They avoid talking about the future plans of the game because future plans can always change

  • When they make promises about the future, the customers will start thinking about the future rather than now
  • They don’t think they can make customers happy just by talking to them rather they do it by fixing the game

  • Since they don’t regularly communicate outside of the updates, what goes in the updates is just as important for the game

  • Their customers have a lot of interests so they prioritize the community feedback

  • They followed their communication strategy and didn’t talk about it publicly because they wanted the flexibility to react to the customer’s feedback and data

  • They don’t know how to use social media to solve specific communication of keeping customers informed about the game state so they lean on in-game communication

In my personal opinion, they should hire social media managers to communicate to us fans regularly. They are a multibillion dollar company after all.

Check out the full video below:

Are you satisfied with Valve's explanation?

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