UPDATE: Neutral Item Slot “Lights Up” if Item is Available

Neutral items are items that are dropped by neutral creeps. They cannot be purchased nor sold at shops, but are fully shareable. Back when Valve added them in patch 7.23, Dota 2 fans are suggesting a few quality of life (QOL) improvements for it. One of the reasons is that the Neutral Item Slot is just very “neutral”. There’s nothing much players can do with it except showing the neutral item. Today Valve released a small update for the Neutral Item Slot. When there is an available neutral item in the neutral item shop, the slot will now light up. Just like the image below:

Another quality of life (QOL) improvement is that when you click on the Neutral Slot icon, it will now open the neutral item shop. However, there are still a few improvements needed for the Neutral Items. For example, if you are farming a neutral camp and a neutral item dropped, your hero will stop auto-attacking after you picked it.

Now the Dota 2 fans are also asking for a feature to open the neutral item page shop when right-clicking the neutral item slot even if you already equipped a neutral item. They are also asking the same thing (the light-up icon) for the Town Portal (TP) scroll slot.

Are you happy with this update? Please comment below.


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