UPDATE: Nemestice 2021 Battle Level Bundle

The yearly Battle Pass Level discount bundle has arrived. For a price of $14.99 – PHP752.95 in the current exchange, you can purchase the bundle which contains 60 Battle Levels, 6 Nemestice Immortal Treasures, and 3 Nemestice Themed Treasures saving you 70% on the combined value of the levels and treasures.

Each Battle Pass owner is able to buy up to two bundles. This is only available until August 9, 2021.

Valve stated on their official website:

This bundle is a great chance to earn many of the rewards within the Battle Pass, including the Davion Dragon Knight persona at Level 195, the Kid Invoker Dark Artistry set at Level 275, and the Phantom Advent Spectre Arcana at level 330. Now is the time to boost your Battle Level, as this bundle will only be available through the weekend, ending Monday, August 9th.

In other news, Gameplay Patch 7.30 will be arriving after the Battle Pass ends. Valve said they are working on it.


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