Trivia: Monkey King Can Disguise as Roshan

Do you already know this? I do not lol. Apparently, Monkey King can disguise as Roshan when you cast Mischief inside the pit – it only works if Roshan is dead. A Reddit user by the name of u/S4vag3_S1m0n posted this in the Dota 2 Subreddit.

You can also turn into the Aegis of the Immortal after Roshan’s first death. Then after his second death, you can turn into Cheese. And lastly, after his third death, you can turn into Refresher Shard. The weird thing is that there is no mention of the Aghanim’s Scepter which also dropped after Roshan’s third death.

You can find the detailed interaction below:

Here is a clip from a match between 4Zoomers and Plasma1337x:

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