Dropping Dragon Lance Near A Tower Gives It Extra Range

We have seen a lot of absurd bugs in Dota 2 over the years and surely this one is one of them. A Reddit user with a username of chopchop__ discovered the bug and posted it in the Dota 2 Subreddit. Basically, if you dropped one or more Dragon Lance near a tower, it will increase its range. Some Dota 2 fans pointed out that this might be a viable strat. You can pull this off in the late game when you have a lot of extra gold.

Below is the video showing the weird interaction:

Credits to u/chopchop__


Another Reddit user commented that if you are losing, you can drop a few Dragon Lances near the fountain to defend your Tier 4 towers (or if the enemy is fountain diving you). Obviously, you need to do this with care because the enemy can pick up the item.

The real question is that does this really work? I tested it in Demo Mode but for some reason could not make it work. However, I tested it in an actual game and it worked. This is such a weird bug. I think Valve will fix it sooner or later.

Do you think this strat is viable in the late game? Please comment below.


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