Are Mid Players The Most Toxic?

With the upcoming WePlay AniMajor, most of the pro players that are participating in the major are currently playing in CIS pubs. Sadly in these games, we are seeing a few pro players who are running down mid or destroying items or afk’ing after a few bad plays. Maurice “KheZu” Gutmann the offlaner of tweeted, “the mental strength of mid players is so damn low, can you idiots please stop running down mid and destroying ur items at minute 15 or after 1 rune doesn’t get camped. Had it in 3/3 games today and it’s generally a pattern with mid players over any other role“.

His teammate though, Miroslav “BOOM” Bičan is known for this. If you remember in the recently concluded DreamLeague Europe DPC Season 2, BOOM was in a hot seat when he was called out by BSJ for griefing. He was playing Phantom Assasin on pubs with BSJ and was seen griefing 2 minutes into the game. BSJ said on stream, “I’ll make sure to talk about this on DPC you f*ck“.

Below is the video of BSJ calling out BOOM.

In a post game interview, Melchior “Seleri” Hillenkamp the captain of was asked about this by Sheever. He said, “Uhmm I’ll tell him to behave better. I’m not his dad though“.

Below is the highlight of the post game interview.

Meanwhile, Quinn formerly known as CCnC, was seen doing the same thing the other day. He was playing Ember Spirit against Armel’s Void Spirit and was being dominated. At the 10 minute mark of the game, Quinn all-chatted, “Im afk, can end whenever“. They lost the game 7 minutes after that.

Here is the video highlights of that game.

Who do you think is the most calm and most toxic Mid Player? Please comment below.


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