August 5 update

Dota 2 Update: August 5, 2021 – Client Version 4959

General Updated localization files for English English Localization DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Win_And_Count_Hero_Legs_Description: Win with heroes that have {s:current_tier_score} legs total across multiple games. Heroes

Battle Pass Level Bundle

UPDATE: Nemestice 2021 Battle Level Bundle

The yearly Battle Pass Level discount bundle has arrived. For a price of $14.99 – PHP752.95 in the current exchange,

August 3 Update

Dota 2 Update: August 3, 2021

General Ghost Frogs has been added to the Supporters Club. (Only Bronze Tier) Updated localization files for Bulgarian, Dutch, Korean,

Mason Dota 2

Mason Has Been Banned From Twitch, Again

UPDATE: Mason has been unbanned after 4 hours, 26 minutes, and 39 seconds Popular Dota 2 streamer, Mason “mason” Venne

Monkey King Turn Into Roshan

Trivia: Monkey King Can Disguise as Roshan

Do you already know this? I do not lol. Apparently, Monkey King can disguise as Roshan when you cast Mischief

Alonso "Mnz" León

Mnz of Thunder Predator Has Reached 11K MMR

The Peruvian carry superstar Alonso “Mnz” León has reached 11K MMR. His signature heroes are Templar Assasin, Phantom Lancer, and Terrorblade. He

xNova of EHOME

BREAKING: xNova Out of EHOME, Entire Roster Put Into Inactive Status

The Chinese organization giant EHOME announced on their official Weibo account (also known as Chinese Twitter) that the Malaysian support

Dropped Dragon Lance Near Tower

Dropping Dragon Lance Near A Tower Gives It Extra Range

We have seen a lot of absurd bugs in Dota 2 over the years and surely this one is one

Neutral Items

UPDATE: Neutral Item Slot “Lights Up” if Item is Available

Neutral items are items that are dropped by neutral creeps. They cannot be purchased nor sold at shops, but are fully shareable. Back when Valve

ghost frogs

Valve Ignores Ghost Frogs To Be Added To Supporters Club

UPDATE: VALVE LISTENED AND FIXED IT Almost 3 months ago, Valve announced the Supporters Club Update – a new way